Monday, October 24, 2016

On Pillow Talk

I stringed together old ideas of mine and new musings to create an essay titled "On Pillow Talk" and expand the conversation about sex and sexuality. Due to the sexual content, reader discretion is advised. Here it goes my lovelies:
I cannot understand why we live in a world so obsessed with decency and decorum. Why do I have to mince my words even with the gaylords running the show?
Stop saying that. There’s nothing dirty about sex purely for pleasure. Unless you’re asexual or don’t know how to properly douche your hole, there’s no reason for you to be so damn prudish.
No cock blocker. New York didn’t make me this way. Anthony Weiner’s peccadilloes have nothing to do with it. He doesn’t belong to my tribe by any stretch of the imagination. And actually, I was a sex-positive creature even when I lived in the land of fruits and nuts.
Growing up in SoCal, I attended many Afghan concerts and weddings and danced my heart away. As a teen, I imagined my sexy moves seducing the crowds, getting men rock-hard and women moist from hot flashes. Yep, that’s right. Like Ricky Martin, I love to shake my bon-bons, rock your world, and get your bodily juices flowing.
I’m fed up with you clam jams insisting on honoring a woman’s vagina and policing all the bottoms. Instead of desiring hymens and probing anuses, shouldn’t we be measuring your sperm count and testing your testicles? Why do you dream about virgins when a baseball glove gets better with usage? I suppose you don’t know what that means.
I refuse to let you drive the sex out of homosexuality. Speaking of bed relations, did you know that there are different kinds of homos behind closed doors? Does it bother you to know that I’m the kind who prefers to bite on my pillow for comfort and serenity?
Sometimes, total submission is liberation, especially when you've long been deprived of your needs. What you consider an abomination, I regard as a blanket of security—having a man I fancy mounted on top of me and me praising his embrace and worshipping his horsepower. Now that I’ve tweaked your antennas, tell me, what is your ideal source of freedom?
Oh, come on. You act all innocent and pristine but I’m sure you have your own collection of dildos and vibrators. Not to mention your stash of pornos that would probably even make me blush and bring the late Osama bin Laden to shame. Tell me this, have you ever asked a woman to wear a strap-on and stimulate your G-spot?
Don’t repress yourself. Inhibition will make you kooky. Didn’t you know that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan tops the list in porn searches and leads the world in searches for sex with animals such as cats, dogs, donkeys, snakes, and even the forbidden pig? And we all know that the goats have never been safe on Muslim lands.
You have a lot of nerve. I bet you’re one of those freaks who’s into scat and watersports. Oh dear God, isn’t it time for you to make ablutions and pray the gay away?
Now that you’re probably all worked up with my impropriety, don’t even think you can blow off steam with me. You’ve got me to go soft. But, if you can grow your piece to double-digits in size, I might ride you. For now…poof…be gone! Who’s next?

Friday, April 15, 2016

What Bernie Sanders gets wrong about Israel

In the Democratic Debate in Brooklyn last night, Israel and the fate of the Palestinians became the subject of a feisty showdown between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
In this wedge issue, I support Israel for logical reasons. Israel is the bulwark nation in the fight against Islam(ism) and the gates of western civilization begins in Jerusalem. Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East that has freedom of belief, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech; where Bahai’s, Christians, Druze, Jews, Muslims, atheists, gays, women, and other minorities have refuge and are equally protected under the law and where over a million Arab Israelis live better off than their counterparts across the Arab World. Science and secularism are things that are cherished in Israel but do not exist in Gaza and the West Bank and can never be implemented in territories governed by sharia.
So I can’t tell you how perturbed by Bernie Sanders ignorance and naiveté about the dynamics at play in this regional conflict between Zionism vs. Islam.
In a recent interview with the New York Daily News, Sanders arguably made the most defamatory factual error when he called Israel’s actions during the 2014 war in Gaza “disproportionate,” and inaccurately said that more than 10,000 innocent people were killed when, in fact, 2,100 Gazans were killed in the Gaza war, half of which were terrorist and the other half civilians women and children used by Hamas as human shields or other Gazans who ignored Israeli military’s warnings to evacuate battlegrounds.
How does Sanders think he can wave his magic wand and bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians when Iran and Israel’s Arab neighbors:
-Refuse to normalize relations with Israel
-Transfer arms to Palestinians to use in their attacks on Israel
-Radicalize Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank
-Use Palestinians as pawns in a proxy war against Israel.
How is Sanders going to get Hamas, the democratically elected leaders of Gaza, (which have openly declared in their charter that they wish to Israel and kill Jews everywhere) to negotiate a peace deal with Israel? 
I’m sorry to inform all of the BernieBros and other vocal Sanders supporters who’ve aligned themselves with the ‪#‎FreePalestine‬ and the ‪#‎BDS‬ (Boycott Divest and Sanction Israel) campaigns. Free Palestine is a code word for death to Israel and the focus on the BDS campaign (which hurts the economy of the West Bank so dependent on trade with Israel) and the complete ignoring of sharia violence and jihadi terrorism across the Muslim World that breeds anti-Semitism, makes it’s obvious Sanders is wrong both intellectually and morally even if his intentions are well-meaning.
Most Americans, democrat and republican, sympathetize with Israel. Numbers wise there are more Zionists in the United States than in Israel or any other country in the world. So even if a fraction of Judenrat Jews betray Israel and surrender to the will of Marxist Islamists, we have plenty of Christian Zionists, Log Cabin Zionists, Neocon Zionists and the up-and-coming Ex-Muslim Zionists, (East) Indian Zionists, New Atheist Zionists and Stonewall Zionists to not only make up for the loss but actually grow America’s unshakeable commitment with the State of Israel.
There can and should be peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors. I believe Hillary Clinton’s pragmatic approach is more realistic and viable. This is yet another reason why ‪#‎ImWithHer‬.

Friday, April 8, 2016

What killing of Bangladeshi writers says about Islam

The sixth atheist/secularist blogger has been murdered in Bangladesh over a span of 14 months. It’s sad to see this Islamic butchery go on with impunity. The latest victim, Nazimuddin Samad, was hacked by machete-wielding terrorists and then shot to death as he was returning home from a class at his university in the capital, Dhaka. Witnesses say Samad's assassins shouted "Allah-u-Akbar" as they fled the scene.

In his posts, Samad promoted women's rights, was critical of the intolerance by radical Islamists, and just the day before his death he complained about the growing lawlessness in the country caused by the militancy of Islam.

The terrorist group Ansarullah Bangla Team and other Al Qaeda affiliates have made a hit list of 84 people some of whom are now murdered. Samad was apparently not on this particular list. Despite all this bigotry and violence towards atheists/secularists in the Muslim world, moderate Muslim apologists and their Regressive Left allies in the West defend sharia and have nothing to say about the worst human rights violations of our time. How can moderate Muslims complain about growing Islamophobia in the West when mob violence and terrorism driven by anti-Semitism, atheistphobia, homophobia, infidelphobia, and misogyny that is justified by Islam is the reason for Islamophobia in the first place?

If Muslims want people to tolerate the faith they worship then they have to speak against the violent political ideology within Islam and promote secular liberalism so Muslims, ex-Muslims, and non-Muslims can live in harmony. Otherwise you are treacherous and have no standing when you complain about Islamophobia.

Over the last few centuries, atheists, gays, Jews, women and people of color fought for civil liberties in Christiandom by promoting secular liberalism with non-violent protest and the power of their words. Islamdom, however, refuses to live and let live. Across the Muslim World, followers of Prophet Muhammad use violence to demonstrate their faith and when women and minorities speak up to claim their human right, they are routinely tortured and killed. This is why sharia has no place in our world.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lahore attacks shows Islam's intolerance to Easter

While Christians celebrate Easter today with egg hunts, face paintings, and seasonal crafts, the festive day turned sour in the Islamic World as 65+ people are killed and 280+ injured today in a terrorist attack on a park in Lahore, Pakistan where children were playing on swings, accompanied mostly by their mothers. This attack embodies all the hallmarks of Islamic values of spreading Islam by force. Like all the violence committed by Muslims in the name of Allah, should we blame today’s attacks in Lahore also on the existence of Israel, US foreign policy or the sweetness of Belgian chocolate? 
So long as Muslims continue to deflect away from the source of the problem (Islam), their will be more terrorist attacks. Hundreds, thousands, and millions more will be dead until the sane people of the world confront the reality that Islam is a political system of conquest with a religious component that seeks to domination by any means even if it is to their own demise. Until we face the truth about Islam, the world will continue to dragged down into a dark and depressive hole. 
And no we won’t change our Facebook profiles or light up the Empire State building with the Pakistani flag. Pakistan is an Islamic State that perpetuates gender, racial, religious, and sexual apartheid; terrorizes Baluchistan and Kashmir; eliminates dissenters; radicalizes the North-West Frontier Province, harbors the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations (Al Qaeda, Daesh, Haqqani, Hezb-Islami, Lashkar Taiba, Taliban, etc.); has the greatest number of students enrolled in madrassas (Islamic only education); fuels the fan of terrorism in Afghanistan and India; and is the scariest enemy of the United States. 
Recognizing the vile nature of Islam, we have to recognize that not all Pakistanis are bad. Take for example, Asad Shah, the Pakistani shopkeeper living in Glasgow, Scotland and a member of the persecuted Ahmadiyya community, who called for religious harmony. On Thursday night, Asad Shah posted on Facebook, "Good Friday and very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation." Hours later, he was stabbed 30 times at his shop and left lying in a pool of blood. He later died at a hospital. 
Christianity gave up its power to secular liberalism eons ago, recognizing that we’d be all happier living under the umbrella of freedom, liberty, and multiculturalism. Islam refuses to surrender to Enlightenment, dignity, and pluralism. This is at the heart of the global struggle and if you don't get this you probably never will. 
And don’t say the actions of Islamists and Jihadis doesn’t speak for all Muslims and tell me not to collectively blame 1.5 billion Muslims. Your apologism and appeasement is irrelevant since Islam still is the greatest killing machine and retrograde our humanity has known. The rest of the 5.5 billion non-Muslims and I’d venture to say the vast majority of Muslims are fed up with Islam.
Either civilize yourself or don’t complain when you get washed away by your own doing. Like it or not, Islam is to terror as tsunamis are to seaquakes. #LahoreBlast #StopIslam #SecularismIsTheSolution

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Update: The Afghan daughter raped by her father

Ever since Laily Azizi and her Mother appeared on the Sajia Kamrany show and broke a major taboo by exposing the rape and other violence that occurred within their family, there is a brutish, mean, and ugly segment of Afghan society that is maliciously trying to discredit the Queen of Afghan TV and her recent guests.
You cannot pretend to be a progressive and preach liberal values while still identifying yourself as a Mohammedan and delegitimize those who are giving voice to the voiceless. So stop protecting your Muslim identity and the image of Islam.
When a father rapes his child and justifies his actions by telling her that this is what Muslim men do with their daughters even as she pleads for mercy and spills pools of blood, this is what is deplorable, evil, and should be condemned. It’s never okay to wrongfully blame, find fault and/or raise suspicions of the victim especially with no proof to back up your stupid claim.
The criminal case against Abdul Waheed Tawakulzada, the man who conceived Laily jaan was proven in the court of law and based on insurmountable evidence. All of this can be verified by checking police and public records. I did a name search on the State of California’s Megan’s Law registry ( and took a screenshot (see below) that shows Tawakulaza listed for the crimes Laily jaan talked about. So there really is no room for speculation and anyone who still insists Laily jaan is lying is only supporting the barbaric and savage way of life under Islam and tribalism.
And those who continue to deny that such atrocities are taking place are part of the problem. I’ve heard from a number of credible sources inside Afghanistan about girls and mothers who are raped by their brothers, fathers, and husbands and when they report the crimes, the dockets go missing and the cases are never heard. In 2014, a law passed through Afghan Parliament that would have enabled men to justify their hurting and raping of female relatives. The only reason this law wasn't enforced is due to the international pressure that forced President Hamid to back off from ratifying the law. Regardless, these violent crimes continue with impunity.
When Laily jaan confessed on Kamrany's show that she was mentally unstable, that doesn't mean she is crazy. She has suffered from chronic depression and PTSD from a childhood torture after enduring years of physical, sexual, and verbal assault. Anyone who properly studied psychology would know about her situation.
Furthermore, her actions as an adult: her resorting to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism, how she dresses, whom she has consensual sex with or the baseless rumors that she was a porn star or a prostitute have no bearing whatsoever. And it certainly gives no one a right to to dismiss or justify the fact that she was beaten, raped, and verbally abused as a helpless child.
I don’t think Tawakulzada or any person should be punished in the mob-style stoning, mutilation, and burning that Farkhunda Mailkzada endured. But given the fact that most of Mailkzada’s killers escaped scot-free and there really is no restorative justice or rule of law in Afghanistan today, how can you blame anyone for saying out of frustration that Tawakulzada should endure what Malikzada did if he really is repeating the same crimes with a new family in Afghanistan and no one is doing anything about it.
Laily jaan broke her silence to give closure to her own wounds and to break the stigma within Afghan/Islamic culture that blames and shames the victim and to also spread awareness about a dysfunctional society that turns a blind eye to horrific acts of violence. The only reason it's taken decades for us to hear her voice is because prior to Kamrany's show, our society denied to give Laily jaan a platform to raise her voice and speak her mind.
Laily jaan should be loved, nurtured, and praised for doing something so noble. In my opinion, she is a national hero. Those who speak against her, raise irrelevant and unfounded issues, and try to portray erroneously portray her as dishonest are not only denying her the right to exercise her liberty but also forcing the millions of honor violence victims to continue to seal their mouths shut and continue to languish in silence.
The cretins who've waged personal attacks on Laily jaan are obstructing the spread of universal human rights and are no friends of humanity.

The GOP's anti-Muslim bigotry endangers America

I have a Log Cabin Republican friend who is gay, Christian, and American. He wrote me saying, “Hey Nemat! I wanted to hear your thoughts on Hillary and islamization of America under her Presidency. Huma Abedin? She seems to be an islam sympathizer and it worries me with her and Obama being ok with Muslim Brotherhood, which I believe are more of a threat than any single terrorist group? Just curious your thoughts.”
The Muslim Brotherhood is a huge concern and we should be vigilant about what they are up to. As Sun Tzu, the brilliant Chinese military strategist said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”
But let’s make it clear. Hillary Clinton is not going to usher Islam in America and Republicans who are making this bogus claim are obviously so desperate they need to accuse our Democratic frontrunner for being a traitor.
To accuse Huma Abedin of being an Islamist with no proof to back your claim is bound to backfire. Abedin is married to Anthony Weiner, a Jewish American politician who got caught sexting and resigned as Congressman.
Just because someone is born and raised Muslim, it doesn't make their anti-American by default. I was indoctrinated into Islam and thankfully I left the religion. But I’ve always loved America and as an American citizen will do everything to protect this country from its enemies. So let’s not marginalize all 1.6 billion Muslims and radicalize all of them into the terrorist camp.
I don’t understand why when a brown person from Muslim heritage gets a job of great influence in America, that we cannot recognize his or her talent and what they have to offer. Abedin is probably one of Hillary’s closest advisors because she has the insight and political knowledge to fill those shoes.
When George W. Bush visited mosques several times during his Presidency and repeatedly said, “Islam is a religion of peace” and tapped Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, the highest ranking Muslim in the US government (who is originally from Afghanistan) to become Ambassador of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations nobody dared to say Bush was a Muslim and that he was setting the stage for Islamization in America?
Republicans have spent the last eight years accusing Obama of being a Muslim. I don’t think he’s even a Christian. Both the Bible and the Quran condemn homosexuality yet President Obama's full support for LGBT equality has proven him to be a staunch Humanist. No devout Christian or Muslim would ever emerge as the lionhearted standard-bearer for Gay Marriage in America. That would be like Adolf Hitler supporting a Zionist state in Germany.
I kindly ask Republicans to stop breeding stupidity. Instead of wasting your time spreading lies, why don’t you make yourself relevant by contributing something meaningful to our humanity?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sizing up Super Tuesday in the 2016 US Election

Happy Super Tuesday everybody. This is turning out to be one of the most sensational US election not only in my lifetime but arguably in the history of any country in the world.
The only that comes close is the California gubernatorial recall election of 2003 when Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cruz Bustamante, Arianna Huffington, child star Gary Coleman, porn star Mary Carey et al. vied for Governor of the most populous US State. We all know how that turned out.
With today’s landslide victories for Hillary Clinton in six out of the 11 states and 984 delegates (out of the 2,383 needed for the nomination), it’s safe to say that the Clinton machine is unstoppable. If these states represent the pulse of liberal America, then it’s clear that the philanthropic capitalism, multiculturalism, and liberal hawkism of Clinton has triumphed over the socialism, mansplaining, and isolationism of the Bernie Sanders crowd.
Now that it’s inevitable that Clinton will clinch the nomination, it’s in the best interest of the Democratic Party to join forces against the Republicans.
What surprises me is not the rise of Donald Trump as the frontrunner. He is racist to the core and has engineered his campaign on rousing populist fears. The difference is that while the other run-of-the-mill Establishment candidates repeat the same-old tropes that have debilitated America, Trump has energized the Republican base by admitting the failures of the past and offering solutions based on false promises.
It was expected that David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan would support Trump. But who would have guessed the endorsement by Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for Trump. Can you believe I know a bunch of Afghan American (who self-identity as Muslim) and have cut ties with me for exposing the violence within Islam but wildly support the anti-Muslim bigot Donald Trump?
I’m guessing these self-defeating Muslims, suffering from cognitive dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome, are seduced by chauvinistic Strongmen because that is all they know to be good for them.
Come around November, the fascism of Trump will also be crushed by a decisive Clinton win. In order to advance civil liberties at home and human rights abroad and restore America to its full greatness, we need to ensure Democratic dominance in the White House, in Congress, and the Supreme Court.
Let’s make Clinton the President of America in 2016 and until 2024.