Monday, June 1, 2009

Congratulations to HESA Election Winners!

Dear friends and fellow supporters (at Harvard Extension School):

Last Saturday afternoon about 90 people visited the BBQ held in the Grossman Reading Room to announce the winners of the Harvard Extension Student Association elections. The festive event was marked with exceptional jubilance: plenty of comfort food, ambient music, and with high energy permeating the air.

Midway into the event that lasted from 1-4 p.m., the Dean of Students, Robert Neugeboren, would make the announcement that everyone was waiting for. The newly elected winners to serve for the 2009-2010 school year were Andre Bisasor for President and Ram Dam Kotamaraka was re-elected as Vice-President.

With 322 Harvard Extension students voting from the 2540 matriculated students, Andre Bisasor received 41.9% of the votes for President and Ram Dam Kotamaraka received 37% to become Vice-President.

At the BBQ, I shared with Andre and Ram Dam my full to support of the new administration. I’m confident that under the leadership of Andre that the HESA will continue to grow and I’m hopeful that the student body will benefit immensely with Andre as our President.

Ram Dam also brings with him valuable experience that he has recently acquired during his present term as Vice-President under Ashley Pollack’s administration.

I encourage all of my supporters and all those who voted for the other Presidential candidates (Ignacio Riesco, Elizabeth “Lavie” Thomas, and Hanwen “Ben” Zhang) to rally our support for Andre Bisasor and Ram Dam Kotamaraka.

I want to thank you all of my supporters again in my run for the President of HESA. I am indebted to all my supporters who believed in me and my message. Our efforts have not gone in vain.

Just a little over a year ago, I started taking classes at the Extension School and it was only last fall when I was admitted into the ALM in Journalism program. Prior to my dear friend Sandra Larson sending an endearing note to HESA on May 8, 2009 without my knowledge to nominate me, I had not even thought about running for President.

In three weeks of campaign time, trying to get our message out to voters when most students had already taken their final exams was an immense challenge. Thus, I consider the fact that I earned nearly 24% of the votes and that my Vice Presidential running mate, Scott Spencer, received 32% (a narrow loss) a huge accomplishment for Scott, me, and our supporters.

My constituency considers me a person who started a new dialogue with a different message, ambitious plans, and a unique vision. I hope that our campaign opened up the pathways for the inspirational figure to emerge and bring the change we envision. In the meantime, we must accept and respect the decision of the majority who voted for and elected Andre Bisasor and Ram Dam Kotamaraka.

I want to congratulate again both Andre and Ram Dam along with all of their supporters for a hard fought campaign and I wish them the best of luck and success in the upcoming year.

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Warm regards,

Nemat Sadat

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