Monday, July 22, 2013

Message to all repressed youth around the world

Attention all youth: Whether you are man, woman, or the third sex (“izak”), conservative or liberal, straight or gay, religious or secular, carnivore or vegetarian, it really does not matter to me. If you are sexually repressed because you live in an intolerant society that forbids you to express your sexuality or else face violent retribution and you feel all alone then I’m here to serve as your friend and role model to empower you to live the good life. No longer will you feel guilt and shame, live in fear, or suffer in silence and solitude just because your sexual identity conflicts with the society of your birth. United we stand to liberate the conformist minds who continue to deprive us and impose heavy chains of oppression upon us. As a human you deserve to be free and liberated to live your life with dignity and engage in your natural inclination to connect with another human being. So long as you use are of legal age, use proper protection and make consensual love with your tender heart then I am convinced that your sexual engagement is the most beautiful expression of art.

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