Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The gay Afghan boy who dreamed of becoming a prince!

Once upon a time there was a gay Afghan teenage boy named Zafar who didn’t quite understand why his Father was so vehemently opposed to Zafar’s older sister falling in love with an Egyptian man. Old fashioned, religious and xenophobic, like a typical Afghan, the Father said, “I don’t want your sister to marry that Arab.” The little boy dazed and confused said, “Baba, why are you so angry? You should be happy. He is Muslim. And you know in the ‘khanadan keyr (kingdom of cock) there isn’t much of a difference between us. I’m sure Egyptian dick (chole) is circumcised and thick with a nice mushroom head just like us Afghans.” The Father yelled, “Chup sha! (Be quiet). Zafar refused. “Since Egypt is in Africa and mingled with black people, I’m sure their cock is even bigger and juicer and probably feels and tastes better than ours too.” The Father screamed, “Besharaf! Go to your room and don’t ever come out.” Zafar was an honest boy who spoke from his heart. He knew he was different but wanted to be heard and respected by his Father just like his older brothers. Zafar spent the next several months and most of his adolescent years alone in his room dreaming about growing up to be an adult and one-day meet the well-hung prince charming who would rescue him and love him for eternity just as the Egyptian man planned to do with his sister.

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