Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Miserable State of Bed Relations in Afghanistan

Today’s topic: The miserable state of bed relations (minasabat-e-charpakat) in Afghanistan. I am Nemat Sadat and I demand an overhaul in how we engage in sexual affairs since most of us are deprived from our basic need to make love and satisfy our natural human desire. Let me highlight the problem: Most straight Afghan men grudgingly have their first sex encounters with another man (until they get married) because women are unavailable due to gender segregation and prohibition against pre-marital sex. Most gay Afghan men live in the shadows and face a life of stigma and fear of being out casted and shunned simply for how they were born; many effeminate gay men become prostitutes and the masculine gay men marry the opposite sex even they are not emotionally and physically attracted to women at all. Afghan women can never express their sexual desires and if they did then they would be considered a whore and worse the risk of being a victim of an “honor killing” if they get caught having sex. Most straight Afghan women end up in arranged marriages and suffer a life or rape but have to keep this shrouded in silence. We don’t even know what life must be like for lesbian women since they do not “exist” in our society which is the biggest insult you can make to a human. And finally, the most egregious, is the rampant pedophilia (adult male sex with children), which makes my blood boil and teem with anger. In the West, there is absolutely no tolerance for sex with children (it is a punishable crime) but in our so-called Islamic country, we do not respect our children and allow pedophilia to occur with impunity. This is the depressing state of bed relations in Afghanistan. This is why I declare a sexual revolution that provides dignity for everyone. We must end the hypocrisy and allow for an organic sex society to flourish in our beloved Afghanistan.

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