Friday, August 2, 2013

Afghan women getting their groove on

I look forward to the day when single Afghan women and all the sexually repressed overthrow the chauvinist power structure, equal the playing field, and tell me stories like this: “Oh Nemo gak, you should have seen how I teased his dick; he got hard as a rock (keyr-ish ochat khayst wa sakht shud). I enjoyed his Manhood inside me. It was all right. You know me. I want it to be huge like a rock-star. But he fell in love, proposed to me and asked when his parents could come over for “khastgari” for my hand in marriage. I told him when his piece grows double-digit inches in size then he can come over “talabgari” and I will consider to be his fiancĂ©. For now…Poof…Be gone! Who’s next?”

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