Friday, August 16, 2013

Are Gays the Soul of Capitalism?

Let me tell you a story about the annihilation of homosexuals and transgenders. Any society that suppresses sexual minorities will go absolutely nowhere. Think of Nazi Germany’s extermination of those labeled with pink triangles, the Soviet Union and communist bloc's condemnation or apathy towards gays, and the Taliban’s toppling of walls on sodomites. Where gays are criminalized, as we see in many Muslim majority countries today, entire nations are held back and cursed into a perpetual state of misery and nothingness. Where gays are tolerated and thrive, a creative class emerges as talent and investment are attracted from around the world, valuable businesses along with a robust and vibrant entertainment industry are established, and all citizens reach their full human potential. Gays are the soul of capitalism and a major driver of the global economy. Instead of punishing them and yourself, give queers equal rights and work together with them to transform your backwater country into a competitive and colorful hub of global cosmopolitanism. <3 span="">

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