Friday, August 2, 2013

Moderating the global conversation

Dear Ladies & Gentleman,

Since I can remember from early childhood, I have always provoked controversy by touching upon subjects that are either taboo or politically charged. Over the years, with many opportunities to acquire knowledge and debate, my ideas have crystallized and I am now in very strong position to moderate conversations of a global nature. Since my move back to Afghanistan last year, I have found my definitive voice. During this past year, I have used my Facebook and Twitter as a platform for dialogue with one goal in mind: to expand and amplify the narrative beyond the circular and rigid dogma that keeps Afghanistan and the region trapped in turmoil. Never before has there existed any public forum where a wide cross-section of Afghan society along with prominent members of the global community have had the opportunity to discuss forbidden and neglected topics. 

In the last month, polarizing sides have emerged: there are those who now hate me and those who love me; those who want to kill me and those who sexually desire me. It’s a mixed bag. All of these groups have grown louder and are rallying against each other in a level of intensity and passion that resembles what we recently witnessed in the pro- and anti- Morsi protests in Egypt last month. But in this story I will ensure the pro-Nemat Sadat side convinces the opponents to channel their energy away from personal attacks against me and focus the discussion on the issues. This is not an ideological warfare. It is a platform to intellectually speak your mind, learn from the process, and understand that despite our differences that we can unite under common shared values. While as a global collective we may not always reach a consensus, we must achieve a level of tolerance and respect for one another as humans and open up our minds and hearts to opposing views.

I know that in many circles, in private and public meetings around the world, people are asking who is Mir Nematullah Sadat and what does he want?

In the course of the next several years, I will make my intentions clear to all of you and what my expectations are for a future Afghanistan and global society. Those of you who are on my level of frequency fully get me and comprehend everything I say. The vast majority of us are not at this time on the same wavelength. So it is my responsibility to establish the common ground. Thank you for your attention in this important public message and I look forward to a lifetime of learning and growing with all of you. 

Sincerely yours,

Mir Nematullah Sadat
Twitter: @nematsadat

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