Saturday, November 23, 2013

What LGBT Afghanistan is and is not?

I am a cultural manager and social engineer who steers clear from politics and religion. Some people want to use me and my cause to impose their own agenda. On the political front, some local newspapers in Kabul and elsewhere have irresponsibly claimed that I have compiled a list of all the gay Afghan bureaucrats, politicians, and technocrats and say that I plan to release the names of homosexuals in high offices. I neither have a list nor do I ever intend to destroy lives of anyone especially the very people who can one day help LGBT Afghans integrate into society. If any closeted Afghan in a position of power wants to come out on their own terms that is their choice but I will never out anyone. We will engage in political action (ex: LGBT Afghanistan’s endorsement of Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai) but we will not be used as your prawns. On the religious front, some individuals and groups have pressured me to debate homosexuality within the context of Islam. That is not my responsibility. Let me tell you what my goal is and what I stand for: to eradicate homophobia and ignorance and pave the way for gays and transgenders to be accepted and included in the cultural and social fabric of Afghanistan. For those of you who want to make trouble for me and other gays, let me tell that we have no interest in your mudslinging and dogma. Please keep your rubbish away from me and do not use my sterling reputation or Afghanistan's LGBT as a weapon to further your personal interests. Now, for those of you who missed the Guardian Magazine feature about gays around the world with me included in it, here is your second chance to see how one Renaissance Man’s crusade to change the world has rebranded Afghanistan and the whole Muslim World with a brave, courageous, modern and smart face that symbolizes a new era of power, prestige, pride, prominence, and publicity. May Allah forever bless free markets and free ideas. ♥

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