Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Happy Thanksgiving America! This year you have much to be thankful for as you have just reached a nuclear deal with Iran and a bilateral security partnership with Afghanistan. So Iranians and Afghans shall join you to celebrate in the turkey feast. Many question your authority and your role in the contested Muslim World. You're not just the hegemon for any reason. You are the only country that possesses the guts and valor to lead the world to bring civilization to war-torn Afghanistan and absorb Iran into the global capitalist system. America, you are the champion of liberty for all who dream to be free. You also have a complex dichotomy. You are the most diverse and pluralistic yet you still get accused for prejudice and racism. You are considered the greediest capitalist who is addicted to oil consumption. But your society, in terms of social capital, is the most philanthropic and your innovation has advanced the lives of countless billions. You are labeled warmonger yet humanity depends on you, as the anchor of stability, to police the world and maintain a semblance of order. Your haters are intoxicated by your democratic drive and inspired by your risk-taking spirit. America you may have a checkered past, but you still are the indispensable nation that the world simply cannot do without. That is why I say, “America Zindabad!" 

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