Sunday, November 17, 2013

Making of Afghan History: The dazzling spectacle comes to an end

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

Without a doubt, I have demonstrated to the whole world my ability to create a dazzling spectacle which has mesmerized all of you, but now it is time to bring this show to an end. Before I do, I want to clear up some misconceptions and misunderstandings.

1. Nothing that I have expressed should ever be linked to any of my current or previous affiliations. At the present time, I am not employed by anyone. I do not represent any individuals, institutions, or governments whether they be Afghan, American or from any other territory. Only I should be held accountable for my words and only the media outlets that have reported about me should be held responsible for what they have published about me.

2. has grossly exaggerated in their reporting about me. They have falsely written that I had sexual intercourse with 200 men in one year. They have misconstrued the facts. In the United States, they could be sued for libel and slandering for writing information which smear’s a person’s character. never called me but they insist in their article that they had a phone interview with me. That is a lie. The information they have reported about my sexual affairs is inaccurate and does not reflect the truth. I have written the administrator and the founder of to correct their articles with the facts. I have asked to post an update on their website and on their Facebook page. I trust they will follow through. Grateful if you can hold them accountable and make sure they follow through on their promise as a reputable media source.

3. also misused and misrepresented my photos. They lifted photos from my Facebook album, in particular, those from a theatrical performance where I cross-dressed and acted as a transgender Temple Dancer in the "Gilgamesh Rising" play at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum in England. They used my photo without my permission. I have asked them to take down the photo of me from my Oxford play that they used without my permission

On a final note, an Afghan friend tells me that many have come and left Afghanistan but only Mir Nematullah Sadat managed to penetrate the collective Afghan conscience and leave behind a deep imprint on the culture and a create a legacy that will be remembered thousands of years later. Another friend says my trailblazing acts of courage will give hope later to millions of others and make life easier for them.

Hundreds of people have written me from all over Afghanistan and the globe that they regard me as their hero, legend, and role model. Many voiceless people who identity with me are happy and proud of me for taking the first step and repeatedly say that I will be remembered a millennium later as an icon of change in society.

As the Canadian poet Leonard Cohen wrote, “There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.” My friends in Afghanistan see me as that person pulling open that first crack to let the light seep in. It's historic and pioneering. But now its also time for me to take a step back and allow for firestorm to calm down and for everyone to go about their business.

I leave with a touching song by one of my favorite Afghan singers, Almas Farahi, who I cherish dearly and love deeply. Mr. Farahi has a voice that nourishes the soul. I hope one day when I get married Mr. Farahi will do me the honor and perform a song at my wedding. Indeed, that would make me a very happy groom. ♥  

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With much love,

Nemat Sadat
Twitter: @nematsadat

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