Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Communique to the people of Afghanistan

On this New Year’s Eve, the Afghan King of New York, releases a communiqué to the people of Afghanistan that all can relate to. What’s the difference between a “local-minded” Jihadi Islamist or a Marxist Afghan and an “international-minded” globalized Afghan? The only book a Jihadi knows is the Holy Quran and a Marxist dwells on Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto to all that ails the world. How depressing! No wonder talking to them will leave you bored, confused, and suicidal. But an “international” Afghan is a hardcore Renaissance Man or Woman who has cultivated a broad mind and draws his or her knowledge about the world from the entire canon of literature and shows you how to thrive, fall in love with your life, nourish your soul and fulfill your heart’s desire. So do you want to remain a “local” diehard Afghan forever and remain poor and trapped in a toxic circular dogma or grow exponentially into a rich “international” Afghan who creates a dynamic universe of abundance by absorbing knowledge from an infinite number of sources in his or her lifetime? You only live once so choose wisely. For 2014, I urge you all to read as many new books as you can and lose yourself in a good story. You can have a thousand friends but the most reliable one and the one that will change your life is the magic contained in an inspiring novel that grips you and uplifts you to reach for the stars. Happy New Years everybody!

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