Friday, December 6, 2013

Message to my father and his family in Europe

This post is intended for my father and the branch of the Sadat family living in Denmark and Germany who boycotted me when I returned to Afghanistan in 2012 to serve as an educator and have since my coming out as a homosexual and civil rights activist jointly severed ties with me.

Despite the fact that they you made a clique pact to sabotage and subvert me, I still love you, have always been there for you, and will continue to prove to you my greatness as the person in the family who will carry the Sadat name into the next millennium.

Its a shame you cannot support me for my honesty and humanity. You despise me for my sexual attraction that I cannot change but I never disliked you for your political choices that destroyed the lives of countless people. Did I ever disown you for following a communist ideology that clashed with the Sayyid religious tradition and failed miserably in Afghanistan and around the world or when you endorsed, legitimated, and supported the Parchami Marxist regime which tortured and killed innocent Afghans? How ironic that you proclaim yourself as compatriots who fought for equality, but when I revealed my sexual orientation and condemned the institutionalized pederasty, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny in Afghanistan, you all distanced yourself from me and contacted family members and your comrades to block, intimidate and isolate me. If you were caring human beings, wouldn’t you have reached out to me in my darkest and loneliest days and shown me your unconditional love and support instead of creating bad karma and spending your energy on narcissism and negativity? Why not empower yourself and inspire others to do greatness in the world instead of always holding grudges and acting like you are the victims?

I want to inform you that your contrived schemes to break me and spread confusion and hatred will be countered and crushed by my bold spirit of love and that of the righteous people in the universe who stand by me as champions of genuine ethics and morality.

As a gracious and humble person, I apologize if I ever hurt you and I also forgive you for your psychological warfare. I challenge you to work towards compassion, patience, peace, and understanding. If you want to clean your name from the mess you created while ruling in Afghanistan, you still have a chance to demonstrate your character and courage by standing with me in the spread of universal human rights in Afghanistan instead of wasting your time acting like the bitter enemy. 

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