Sunday, December 1, 2013

When will Afghanistan become a "Sardar" nation?

I’m happy to be a “Sardar” and I want for all Afghans and every human being to aspire to be a noble like me. You see, in this world, we have the “Sardar” (in Dari meaning aristocrat) countries, namely the United States, England, and Israel; the “Bourgeois” bloc consisting of ASEAN, the EU, Canada, and Australia; the “Kargar” (worker) nations such as the BRICS; and the “Baadar” (feudal lord) nations like Afghanistan and much of the Islamic world. I’m tired with the “Baadar” nations whose ruling masters’ continue to enslave the masses and plunge everyone into a chronic state of darkness and misery, reward entitlements based on nepotism and tribalism, plunder the country’s wealth, and waste their days drinking chai and munching on mulberries and nuts while expatriates do the real work. Even the poorest in the “Sardar” nations are still better off than the richest in the “Baadar” nations because those residing in the lands of the “Sardars” rank higher on the global pecking order. Afghanistan will no longer be a futile, lazy and poor “Baadar” nation that has to beg others for food just to survive and live in a perpetual deprived state with no access to health care, no meaningful jobs, no quality housing, and no opportunity for nurturing romantic love. I want Afghans to become a nation of “Sardars” and to reach this supreme status means abandoning the shrouded cave and exposing your mind to an international ocean of modern ideas. In the “Sardar” countries, success is driven by performance. “Sardars” live on the go, create timetables to measure their output, and take care of business now not later—whether they are in the bedroom or boardroom, in the gym or in the field, at school or at work, and everywhere in the public domain—they make sure they are punctual and outperform the competition. The truest “Sardars” drink coffee which has proven to stimulate your brain and increase your mental capacity. “Baadar” minded Afghans can no longer waste their time on leisure and mindless chatter. Every activity you engage in must expand your creativity and critical thinking, develop your ingenuity, refresh your body, rejuvenate your soul, and create valuable economic production for yourself, your family, your community, and your nation. I am confident when the educated Afghans and power elite fully embrace a collective “Sardar” mentality than the masses will follow and within a half century or sooner we can proudly join the exclusive club of “Sardar” countries and Afghan society will be so complete and solid from within that no foreign enemy will dare destabilize Afghanistan without suffering its own demise. Think about it and when you are ready, I look forward to seeing you at the top as a premiere nation of the world. 

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