Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Can Spaniards promote love & sexual unity in Afghanistan?

I’m overwhelmed with joy from the heartfelt messages of support I’ve received today from freedom-loving, high-cultured Spaniards who read about me in El Mundo’s back cover story about the Afghan professor who risked everything to reveal his sexuality and serve as a vessel for the millions trapped into a life of obscurantism in Afghanistan.

In 2005, Spain was the third country in the world to legalize gay marriage. Today, despite the fact that Spain is still reeling from an economic crisis, they are a peaceful nation that is committed to promoting gay rights and marriage equality in Afghanistan. Do not underestimate the power of Spain. The Spaniards have enormous cultural clout in Europe and over their former colonies in Central and South America. As a member of NATO, Spain has sacrificed in blood and treasure in the fight against terrorism but now they are in a unique position to project the Spanish ideal of love and liberty to all Afghan people.

To LGBTIQ Afghans, let me assure you that our beautiful brothers and sisters in Spain stand with us in solidarity as we wage our struggle for tolerance and acceptance in a backward and bigoted society that has forbidden us from our God-given right to live who we were born to be and be with the one we really love. Soon the homophobes in Afghanistan will realize they cannot fight against the law of nature and human rights without morally corrupting themselves which they already have. While the path to freedom is a long road ahead, the universe is on our side. Its not a matter of if but when will Afghanistan become a gay-friendly nation united under the colorful rainbow. Bakhair! <3 p="">


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