Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lone Survivor & the Power of Pashtunwali

After watching “Lone Survivor” last night and shedding many tears, I’m proud of my Pashtun heritage. The village in Kunar in the Hindu Kush mountains that provided “melmastia” (hospitality) and “nanawatai” (asylum) protection to American Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell even at the expense of a bloody feud with the Taliban is the reason why the world can never abandon our Afghan allies who are fighting to preserve themselves from extinction in the brutal fight that erupted 35 years ago between rival factions in Kabul, Superpowers and regional powers but now has evolved into the terrorist enemies of Afghanistan who wish to continue the annihilation of our rich cultural heritage and simultaneously threaten global order. I hope when Afghanistan becomes a modern state, we will still preserve Pashtunwali as it is not just a Pashtun or Afghan code but in an increasingly cold, materialistic, and selfish world, it is an ethical system that all humans can learn from as the love of self, community, and nation is the reason why we live.

Here is a link to a recent USA Today article about the movie Lone Survivor:

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