Sunday, January 26, 2014

The resistance to the peace movement in Afghanistan?

How ironic that two Facebook groups “Anti-corruption movement in Afghanistan” (ACMIC) and “Movement against corruption in Afghanistan” (MACIA) have blocked me from posting my last published article in which I link corruption and foreign espionage to terrorism in Afghanistan! ACMIC deleted my post while MACIA intercepted my post and kicked me out of the group. These Facebook groups tolerated my controversial posts in the past but when I nailed the bull’s eye and wrote about corruption they censored me. Are these front groups intentionally luring the altruists and idealists who genuinely wish to end corruption by keeping tabs on them and demoralize and desensitize them to the ills of Afghanistan? To all of you who are blocking the peace movement in Afghanistan and continuing to wage war to fill your pockets, I have news for you. I know you don’t believe in Allah because if you did you wouldn’t be spilling your compatriots’ blood and stealing your nation's wealth. So let me put it to you this way. The more you drain activists from their energy and the more you block the resistance of civil society to achieve prosperity for all citizens, the more severely you will be punished on your day of reckoning. You war criminals are like the prey of the Chopan (butcher) who feeds the cows and lambs in order to become fat and juicy but eventually you get slaughtered. My advice to you despots and thieves: change your ways now and join the peace movement before you linger life in prison or become a corpse that gets placed in the freezer of a local meat market that becomes viewed by spectators. 

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