Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How our names impact our destiny?

I've always known that our names conditions who we are. 

Then a few days ago, a friend introduced me to the kabalarians philosophy which explains why the numerical value of our name impacts our life. 

I'm amazed that everything about my first name was spot on accurate. Take a look for yourself. If your name is not working its never too late to change yourself and manifest your destiny. 

Here's mine: Your name Nemat gives you a strong sense of responsibility in business and material affairs, and the practicality and determination to make a success of anything you undertake. Your ability to organize and direct the efforts of others enables you to excel in any managerial position because you have the ability to grasp the concept of a goal complete with an understanding of the steps to be taken. This name has allowed you to develop depth and breadth of mind. You are able to retain facts, to grasp new information to your existing store of knowledge. You never seem to be out of your depth of understanding. For these reasons others who may not have the same quickness of mind classify you as a "know it all" and, although you may be highly respected, this characteristic is unlikely to endear you to your associates. You have a very responsible nature, are capable and mature, and are willing to assume a position as a pillar of the community. You are quite healthy, but possible trouble areas are found in the generative organs.

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