Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Bigotry of Afghan Muslims in the West

My last post advocating for modernization of Islam or a secular state in Afghanistan was deleted by the Facebook group “Afghan Student Association” after an Afghan woman attending UC Berkeley said I was “disrespectful” while members in “ASAUK” condemned my speech and blocked me from viewing their page. However, not a single person in any of these groups or others bothered to engage in discourse as to why the status quo was right. No one bothered to suggest a tangible solution either. That’s because it’s impossible to challenge my logic with an extremist religion. If this is the undemocratic way intolerant “scholars” behave, by censoring my free speech, then it is true that Islam truly is a violent religion. What I find most egregious is that these hypocrites live under secular regimes in the West but conveniently demand an Islamic Republic for Afghanistan. How corrupt can a person be when they dismiss my protest against a violent law that would validate legalized rape and torture of women and children in Afghanistan merely because it offends their beliefs? Apathetic and disingenuous people like these are a waste and they don't really care about Afghans; they are merely puppets for their Pakistani and Saudi Arabian masters and live only to serve their selfish egos. When people blindly accept religion even to the detriment of the public good then it just shows how superficial a person can be. A bigoted Afghan women wearing a hijab in California who acts as a good Muslim so that she can attract a nice husband really doesn’t do anything for Afghanistan. If I was a straight man, I would much rather marry a woman who showed her hair and skin but had the audacity and compassion to properly serve humanity.

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