Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Mission: To End Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan

Happy Valentine’s Day! This day of cupid is very special because it’s the first year for me as an out and proud gay. Being born into a bigoted Afghan nation and horrid Muslim religion I always saw as a curse. But today, I say with confidence that growing up in a homophobic, primitive, racist, sexist, and violent society has been the greatest blessing. My struggle to overcome the adversity and evil has enabled me to rise up as a change agent and declare myself as the leader who will end the hypocrisies that have ethically, morally, and spiritually corrupted our nation of thirty million souls who continue to inflict misery upon themselves and each other. The reason we are a war-torn society that refuses to move forward is because we're trapped in our hateful and unreasonable traditions, which ripped our country apart long before we became victims from outsiders. Its time to reconcile our wounds of the past and move forward. My mission is crystal clear: to end the Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan and invent a nation that is inclusive allowing every citizen to receive a modern education and live in peaceful economy, nurture their sex and sexual orientation and have the freedom and liberty to practice their religion without fear of retribution. I want every young Afghan boy or girl, gay or straight, to reach adulthood to love the person they want without pressure or persecution from their family or society. Those who oppose my dream are not just against me but the voice of humanity and integrity. Thank you to my friends in Afghanistan and around the world who support my vision. For my enemies and rivals who don’t, you can resist me but if you engage in cruelty, let me forewarn you that I will use every tool in my disposal to neutralize you even if have to get on my knees, pull down your “kheshtak” and show you the meaning of what we in America funnily call fluffer. Fighting Nemat Sadat is a losing battle. Your best bet is to stand with us for social justice and be on the right side of history. God bless Afghanistan and the world.

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