Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Islam in Afghanistan must be crushed by universal human rights?

Afghanistan has no future until Islam is crushed by universal human rights. Pro-Islamists say that Islam is a peaceful religion but divine law is flawed and proven to breed extremism in every Islamic regime. If Islam is not evil then why do Muslims flee in a mass exodus to the West for freedom and liberty? In Afghanistan, its not just illiterate Mullahs and Taliban who are nefarious Muslims. Even the corrupt Afghan Parliament representing the entire nation passed a new law to silence domestic violence against women and children. How can society prosper if the majority is paralyzed? Until Afghan men realize that Islam is the root cause inflicting misery in Afghanistan than barbarism, bigotry, and bloodshed will prevail and everyone will continue to live in the dark. My solution: Either do Ijtihad and modernize Islam or cut off religion from the culture, law and politics of Afghanistan. What reformation do you propose? <3 p="">

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