Saturday, March 29, 2014

US civilians evacuate from Afghanistan

Breaking News: Is this end to US imperialism in Afghanistan? Inside sources tell me that after receiving intelligence reports about an imminent attack on US interests, the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF)  rented a plane and flew the whole international crew out of Afghanistan and to safety in Dubai. After yesterday's attack on the Roots of Peace compound in the Kart-e-Seh district, all expatriates working with AUAF were told to grab their passports and rushed to the airport for an immediate evacuation earlier today. The situation is bad and getting worse. In retrospect, I feel lucky that the enemies of Afghanistan, threatened AUAF to fire me and forced me out of the country before the meltdown. My mother's prayers must have been with me. Near misses: Alexandros Peterson, a brilliant scholar, who was executed by the Taliban in last January's attack on the Lebanese restaurant in Wazir Akbar Khan was my replacement at AUAF; last week's attack on the Serena Hotel restaurant was the place I frequented daily whilst grading papers and preparing lesson plans; and yesterday's attack was in the same neighborhood in Kart-e-Seh where I lived. I'm worried about the fate of my students. If the Taliban and their Jihadi brothers takeover Kabul, then they will execute all my friends and fellow compatriots. I'm distraught and scared.

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