Sunday, March 30, 2014

The foot soldiers of secularism in Afghanistan

I can assure you there are ten of thousands if not millions of closeted atheists in war-torn Afghanistan where religion has been used as an instrument of warfare. Hundreds of Afghan atheists have reached out to me since my coming out and they fully support gay rights in Afghanistan. Our liberal coalition of Afghan atheists, feminists, gays (LGBTIQ), humanists, and internationalists are the vanguards of freedom of gender, religion, and sexuality, and by default, the foot soldiers of secularism in Afghanistan. For old-fashioned Afghans clinging onto tribal affiliations and totalitarian Islam, let me forewarn you that your birthright entitlement will be eliminated from Afghanistan. My policy is one of "creative destruction" - breaking down obsolete mentalities which have perpetuated nepotism, racism, and violence and replace them with new ideas which promote harmony and inclusion. Our modern coalition will bring peace, prosperity and pluralism to Afghanistan. So join us today. And vote for Dr. Ghani. The future is ours!

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