Monday, March 17, 2014

Coalition of Afghan atheists, feminists, and gays on critical issues facing Afghanistan

Dear Afghan atheists, feminists, LGBTIQ (gays) and secular humanists:

Our peace-building coalition is growing day-by-day. We are in a strong position to be the majority. Our comprehensive platform represents the best interest of all Afghans. Our voting bloc will determine who wins next month’s election. Please vote for Dr. Ashraf Ghani. A mandate for our endorsed candidate will demonstrate our emerging power and ability to use identity politics to secure Afghanistan’s future.

Here is how we stand on the issues facing Afghanistan:
-National security: Support permanent United States occupation in Afghanistan to boost ANA and ensure regional stability.
-Economy: Implement a sustainable “green” economy to capitalize on human capital and harness natural resources to create millions of new jobs for Afghan youth.
-Health: Ensure Afghanistan has a first-rate health care facilities and universal care so no Afghan has to ever travel abroad for basic medical needs and surgery.
-Corruption: Give bureaucrats “carrots” (high salaries) to afford a decent lifestyle but threaten to punish them with “sticks” (life in prison) if found guilty of giving or receiving bribery that harms the public good or imperils the national interest.
-Secularization: Liberalization of Afghanistan to end of Islamic rule and transition to a secular state based on principles of enlightenment and the universal declaration of human rights.
-Reconciliation: National unity by destroying institutions that exacerbate ethnic discrimination & tribalism.
-Climate change: Promoting a statewide campaign to clean air from pollutants and save lives. Better water management system.
-Opium & Narcotics: Legalization of drugs to pharmaceutical industry.
-Arts: Promote the cultural arts (literary, performing, and visual arts)
-Sciences: Invest in research & development for scientific innovation and technological advancement.
-Foreign affairs: Diplomatic recognition of the State of Israel. If Afghans can accept Pakistani sponsorship of terror in Afghanistan, then why reject Israel simply because they are Jewish and oppressing Palestinians? Israel has not harmed Afghanistan but the Islamic Republics of Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia have and continues to do so.      
-An end to Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan by the following:
(1) Ending institutionalized misogyny: Passage of laws to ensure women have access to modern education, job opportunities, and equal rights in all spheres of Afghan life.
(2) Ending institutionalized homophobia and transphobia: Legalization of gay rights & marriage equality for LGBTIQ
(3) Ending institutionalized pedophilia: Laws to protect children from abuse and trafficking. Close all madrassas and ensure every Afghan has access to a modern education and able to compete in the global economy.

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