Saturday, March 8, 2014

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First Afghan out of the closet
This prestigious university professor has become an outlaw after admitting he is gay

Receives death threats for saying he is gay but also Muslim

Nemat Sadat was a highly respected person in Afghanistan. Professor at the American University in Kabul, licensed in multiple disciplines, Political Science , History, Art ... - belonging to an Afghan intellectual family , participating in televised debates , and whenever he spoke , sitting chair . Until August 22 announced on Facebook that he is gay , and his reputation was ruined. About flattered you stopped doing it , and everyone in Afghanistan pointed to his lynching.

"Fuck you! " Were the mildest comments some wrote on their Facebook wall. Other directly threatened to kill him . And in Kabul became popular jokes about it. "Idiot , stop saying that you are a Muslim ! " Reproach him many. Because Sadat insists he is " gay and Muslim," as it believes that a thing is not at odds with the other. His beliefs have not changed, although you attract men.

As a child , he liked to play with dolls and dance , and sometimes secretly wore makeup and dressed lingerie with her ​​mother says.

Dissatisfaction with his first girlfriend

"I had my first girlfriend at age 22 . Was Afghan and were coming out 15 months ," recalls Sadat , who for most of his life has resided in the United States. Born in Kabul, but at eight months was exiled with his family because of the war.

"We had no penetration but kisses, hugs and oral sex. Did not enjoy even one of the moments I spent with her." The university professor detailing shamelessly WORLDWIDE his relationship with her first suitor, who may now know will not like that. But Sadat did not like what was happening to him. It felt different and did not know why , until in 2003 he traveled to New York, met the homosexual movement , and he realized that his alleged problem was that he simply liked men .

" My first relationship was with a gay American," he says. Then came men of other nationalities. Now Sadat is unattached , although eager to have him.

In December 2010 he told his family that he would seduce men. His father studied at the university and was Ambassador of Afghanistan in Germany in the early 80s. His mother also has higher education. But neither understood his homosexuality. His father cut him off , and so did much of his family. So why get in over their now really and publicize in Afghanistan who is gay?

" For consistency and to help other young Afghans who are in my same situation ," replies Sadat , who returned to Afghanistan in August 2012 to work at the university. But after your ad on Facebook can no longer be there. They would kill him . He says gay relationships are very common in the country, because sex with a woman outside of marriage is prohibited by law , and young people need to start with other guys.

"I had my first girlfriend at age 22 , but did not enjoy a single moment with her "

1979 : Born in Kabul, but at eight months was exiled with his family to Germany . 1984: Moves with his mother and siblings to the United States. 2003: He realizes he's gay and has his first homosexual relationship. 2012 : Returns to Kabul to work as a university professor . 2013 : Announces on Facebook that he is gay .

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