Sunday, March 16, 2014

If Satar Sirat ruled Afghanistan instead of Karzai

In 2002, at the Bonn conference, the Afghan delegation voted for Satar Sirat, an ethnic Uzbek, to be interim President of Afghanistan. But in a last minute dash, the rational United States, with the help of Zalmay Khalilzad, installed Hamid Karzai. You all know, I’m no fan of President Karzai. But something you must know about the Karzai and his Popalzai clan is that they are secular which was needed to escape Afghanistan from radicalism. In the last 12 years, with Afghanistan's rapid proliferation of communication technologies and growth of mass media, the Afghan mind has opened up from obscurantism and leapfrogged several centuries from the Stone Age of the Taliban. I can't say definitively if Karzai’s moderate Islamic state was better than a fundamentalist Islamic Afghanistan had Satar Sirat ruled. But lets' talk about him: Dr. Sirat has a PhD in Islamic studies and spent 26 years in exile in the nefarious Saudi Arabia where he was a lecturer in Islamic studies in Um-al-Qura University in Riyadh. Thanks to Yama Rasaw’s share, I want to show a clip where Shafie Ayar point's out Satar Sirat validating pedophilia and sex slavery of little girls in accordance to Islam.

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