Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is Islam anti-human rights?

Yesterday, I posted about a Saudi Imam who preached for years to Muslims about how to please Allah but ended up raping and murdering his 5-year old daughter and was then set free under Islamic law. As an Afghan and Muslim who is eager to see peace in Afghanistan, I have every responsibility to call for and end to divine law which keeps my people under siege. Unfortunately, instead of addressing the internal problem with our nation and religion, some Afghans or other Muslims living in the enlightened West continue to deflect attention from the problem of human rights under an Islamic Republic by blaming the US. No wonder Afghanistan is unable to escape its turmoil, when you have misinformed ideologues spewing propaganda. Why are you dead silent when Muslims kill Muslims or Afghans kill Afghans? Where is your objection to Saudi Arabian Wahhabi funded madrassas in Pakistan, which drive the Taliban insurgency or Pakistani ISI’s support for daily terrorism in Afghanistan or when corrupt Afghan elites commit atrocities in the name of Islam and subjugate the people to Sharia law which is a crime against humanity? (On a side note, Zimmerman was acquitted by a jury of who couldn't find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The Saudi preacher was found guilty but released according to the Hadith).

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