Friday, March 7, 2014

On this Woman's Day a poem about Evil Days

On this Woman’s Day, I share with you poem I wrote in response to the gang rape of a Saudi woman who then received corporal punishment for speaking up while the criminals were set free. Regimes governed by religion treat women, gays and "infidels" worse than slaves. Sharia Law is barbaric and bigoted. My solution: End the Gender Apartheid. Segregation is against humanity. Separate is never equal. Divine law is a curse. Secular laws are superior. Promote human rights and social integration. Until then, there will be no justice or peace. 

Evil Days by Nemat Sadat

Right and reasonable

The bitch anonymously gangbanged by pious patriarchs.

Undeserving of mercy or voice

She brought about her own shame

Deserved every moment of pain and humiliation

Her objection was her sin

Total submission might have suited her better.

No mind to even know her place in the world

Below the waist, her head pushed against their shaft

Eyes concealed, she released a pool of blood

Invited herself to sorrow

While the men bemuse in glee

Brought on the corporal crucifixion

The supreme powers lashed her

Leaving scars and shattered innocence

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