Thursday, March 20, 2014

Muslim Brotherhood in Afghanistan a terrorist organization?

On yesterday's post about whether Muslim Brotherhood (MB) ought to be recognized as a terrorist organization in Afghanistan, someone asked if that wasn't infringing on the groups' human rights. Let me tell you the history of MB and let you the judge: In Afghanistan, MB's highest ranking member is Abdul Rasul Sayyaf is the figure who invited Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan. A.R. Sayyaf established terrorist training camps throughout Afghanistan which indoctrinated new recruits to fight in Islamic-backed conflicts in Chechnya, Bosnia & Herzegovina and elsewhere. In fact, Abdul Rasul Sayyaf's name, ideology, and training has inspired the Abu Sayyaf group in southern Philippines where they carry out bombings, kidnappings, assassinations and extortions to create an independent Islamist province. The irony is that they want to create an Islamic state but they use criminal activities (abductions, rape, child sexual assault, extortion and drug trafficking) to wage their campaign. Isn't that sufficient proof to delegitimize Muslim Brotherhood's as a terrorist activities in Afghanistan.

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