Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why Afghanistan & the Islamic World needed a sacred clown?

Thanks to my friend Tony Topak Patrick for sharing this article, I can call myself the “masqara” (joker) of Afghanistan and the Islamic World. You see, after decades of war and trauma in Afghanistan and 1400 years of bloody crusades, Muslims badly needed a sacred clown to heal the wounded souls. Throughout history, sacred clowns existed to mock something: Jesus Christ mocked orthodoxy, Buddha mocked ego attachment, Gandhi mocked money and power, and Nemat Sadat mocks religious persecution and sexual repression. Do you recall the daily sex posts from last Ramadan? So the other day when I made the point about Allah and how frustrated I am for him controlling my mind, I said I wanted to meet him and get my revenge by giving him fellatio (a blow job) and control his manhood. Even some of my Atheist Afghan friends flipped out as did a New York Times reported based in Kabul and an Afghan-American woman totally fell into the deep end and burst into mad rage. These are obviously deep wounds that are coming to the surface. That's great! Don’t worry everyone: I won’t give your God a blowjob because he doesn’t exist. So just relax. March 20 is the UN International Day of Happiness. Think about my philosophical wisdom. Prophet Muhammad was too serious and violent with his inhumane punishments and polygamous pedophilia. So you should be happy his descendent, a hardcore homosexual Professor, was created to help you blow off some steam and liberate your body and mind. I love you all.

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