Monday, March 17, 2014

Moderate Muslims ignoring Islam's violence?

On a post from yesterday about violence in Islam, Massúod Hemmat resorted to ad hominem and deflected away from addressing the issue and instead targeted the person. Massuod dismissed Nabil’s scholarly arguments simply for being gay which he cannot change. Massuod was my top student in my international political economy class at AUAF, worked at USAID, and intends to immigrate to America after he finishes graduate studies in Germany. Massuod is silent about the Islamic prophet’s polygamous pedophilia and the violence against women in Islam. Massuod said gays don't have family values but again he ignores all the married Afghan/Muslim men doing “bachabazi” (pederasty), "zinnah" and “zanaka bazi” (adultry/affairs with women) but doesn't even question his own internal source of homophobia. If Massuod believes in Allah then why would he condemns his "gay" creation? The reason why gays don't have family values is because Muslims like him have historically denied justice to gays and persecuted them with the death penalty. Massuod should ask himself how his intolerance towards gays is any different than the illiterate Taliban? In Afghanistan, gays didn’t “exist” until I came out of the closet but now LGBTIQ are uniting and their struggle has been heard around the world. If Afghan gays had rights & marriage equality, then I’m sure they will have equal or better family values than their heterosexual counterparts. Both Massuod and Zoalh engaged in “appeal to authority” in referencing Mehdi Hasan and Abdul Malik Mujahid. Let me tell you about the context about both of these figures: both are Pakistanis serving Pakistani national interests. Let's not forget Pakistan harbors terrorist groups who are the enemy of the civilized world and Islamabad's goal is to annex Afghanistan and incorporate it as an administrative unit of the Islamic State. That worse case scenario neither serves the interests of Afghanistan, the US or the civilized world. As far as the Oxford Union clip, Mehdi Hasan focused on not lumping all 1.6 billion Muslims as “terrorists” but failed to address the goal of political Islam which is to create a utopian pan-Islamic state and subvert the secular West through manipulation and blackmail. Hasan also failed to mention all the domestic atrocities committed against ethnic, gender, and religious minorities within Islamic countries. If Islam is so great, then why do millions of Muslims leave the Islamic World for the West every year. Hasan noted Islamic achievements and how it contributed to western civilization; mentioning the invention of algebra and Ibn Sina. For the record, Algebra was created in 820 AD and Ibn Sina lived between 980 and 1037. So tell me what groundbreaking innovations have the one billion plus ulemma accomplished in the last one thousand years? Every thing they have today, was given to them by the rest of the world. I will be happy to take on any Islamic scholar in a debate and shred their fallacies into one million pieces. By the way, I still find it amusing that Zoalh Kandahari who is a US citizen working for the US Department of Defense, I'm guessing he works as Pashto Linguist earning his $250,000 year tax-free salary, who protects us from Jihadi Muslim terrorists who kill innocent civilians but then blindly defends their violent Islamic religion.

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