Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why doesn't Afghanistan make Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization?

If Saudi Arabia, an atrocious human rights abuser, bans the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, why doesn't Afghanistan do the same? I was hired at American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) the same time as another political science professor originally from Egypt was. This Jihadi professor espoused Qutbism: made anti-Semitic, homophobic,  misogynistic and racist remarks but still has his job funded by US taxpayers. I, on the other hand, an Afghan nationalist, who was democratic, promoted meritocracy, and offered a modern education with rigorous standards to promote creativity and critical thinking and exposed my students to a wide-body of knowledge and literature, was persecuted for allegedly being Atheist, Christian missionary, CIA agent, Israeli Mossad spy, and an official member of New York City's homosexual freemasonry. In the end, the International Renaissance Professor was fired but the Islamist clergy Professor is still preaching radical Islam. He even said that according to Islam, women cannot be a head-of-state. When confused students asked him, what about the eight Muslim countries who have elected women as Presidents and Prime Ministers, the Professor's response was that they (referring to non-Arab countries) are not real Islamic countries! The irony is that even Kyrgyzstan elected an Atheist woman to power following the Tulip Revolution. I know Allah and the Islamic prophet are not women, but why can't females be leaders of Muslim majority countries?

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