Friday, March 14, 2014

Why I insist I'm Muslim despite exposing Islam's shameful violence?

Many have wondered why Nemat Sadat continues to insist he is a Muslim while demonstrating the barbarism and bigotry of Islam and how the Quran and Hadith oppress women, gays, and infidels while it corrodes the mind and soul of the oppressor and traps entire nations ruled under Islam into a chronic state of poverty and primitiveness. 

Its simple! By insisting that I’m a proud gay, Afghan, and Muslim, I’ve set up an identity conflict that requires resolution. Pandora’s box has been opened. In theory, I can change my religious faith if I wanted to but according to science, I cannot change my innate sexual orientation. This was my strategic entrypoint to capture the heart and mind of my beloved Afghans and socially engineer Afghanistan towards a peaceful and secular footing.

I’m more effective if I'm part of the moral community. If I'm not a Muslim then I will be treated as an apostate like Salman Rushdie and will be dismissed as a “kafir” (infidel) just as I was labeled “kouny” (faggot) for confessing my homosexuality.

But when the time comes, when I’ve examined what religion or no religion is most suitable for me, then I will let everyone know. In the meantime, secular humanism looks most appealing to me.

Besides, if Mullahs, Warlords, and Taliban can kill and justify their “bachabazi” (pederasty) and call themselves righteous Muslims, then why can't I exercise my freedom of speech to expose Islam's shameful violence and be a hardcore homosexual Musulmán who enjoys making love to sexy men in the spirit of a gay porn star?

One thing must be clear. I’m neither devoted to serving Allah nor his Prophet. I’m dedicated to advancing the general welfare of society and promoting the public good for each and every Afghan, Muslim, and citizen of the world.

And by the off chance Allah does exist and questions me then I will look the almighty in the eye and ask: Do you have a big dick I can suck to completion or graduate level degrees from Harvard, Columbia, and Oxford? If not, then please step aside so I can take over your role and rule the universe.

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