Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Breaking: Launch of The Nemat Sadat Show

Breaking News: Its with much pleasure that I announce to you the launch of “The Nemat Sadat Show,” a multimedia portal dedicated to driving the global discussion about art, politics, and sex in the modern world. I intend to broadcast streaming media several times per week in English for an international audience and in Dari for my fellow compatriots in Afghanistan and Farsi-speakers around the world. In the future, I plan to extend my show to satellite radio and public access television. The art and sex segments are for pure entertainment and political talks will inform you about the most troubling issues plaguing our world today. In political segments, my show is committed to talking about policy solutions to climate change and the environment, human security issues, and how to reverse the trends of wealth and income inequality. Likewise, for our non-western audience living in totalitarian regimes, my show will provide access to information on how to transition religious states to a liberal democracy that grants justice and rights to all citizens. To accomplish this, my show is committed to unifying Afghan atheists, gays (LGBTIQ), humanists, internationalists, and progressive Muslims to mobilize the Afghan polity towards a secular state. To establish myself, I will need your support as my public outreach efforts (broadcast show, blogging, media appearances, and creative writing) will be my full-time career. I won’t have any other resources. So I will need your help. Even a $5 monthly donation if done by a few hundred people, will be sufficient to make our dream become a reality. For those who invest now, you will become a stakeholder to a peaceful Afghanistan and a better world everywhere as my show will provide raw and unfiltered information to those who need it most. And in the likely event that my media conglomeration becomes a multinational corporation, then those who donate today will receive stock options when the company goes public in the future. I will provide more details on how you can support. In the meantime, if you have PayPal account, and like to make a donation then please send a payment to Thank you for your support. Stay tuned. The first show will air soon. See you at the top! 

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