Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gay Afghan Poetry: The Tamable Beast

You're a ruthless “badmash” (naughty) but tasting you is delightful. I fancy a "Mard-e-Mardana" (a Man’s Man) like you but object to your wild temptations. Let me bring you into my submission. Transform you into a sweet bear. Imagine us holding hands under the dinner table, playing footsies while watching movies together, kissing in between sips of wine, curling up in bed together, stroking each in the Jacuzzi, telling bedtime stories, playing "kushti" (wrestling) in our jock-straps and then letting the champ penetrate and the loser. I want to feel your musk scent, your tenderness, your warmth. When its bedtime we snuggle in bed, wrapped like a cocoon, gaze into each other’s eyes. With our bodies interlocked, we drift into sleep. You, my love, are the essence of my existence.

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