Sunday, April 6, 2014

Is former spokesperson to President Karzai gay?

reaking News: Afghan Zhwak reports that Waheed Omer (also spelled Wahid Omar), a former spokesperson to the office of the President of Afghanistan, was caught by a guard and on video of the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, french kissing a well-known male advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Is it true that Mr. Omer had to bribe $5000 to keep his gay "lab choshee" (kiss) a secret? If Mr. Omer really is bisexual or homosexual, then why is he keep bashing Dr. Ashraf Ghani, the official endorsed candidate of Afghanistan’s rainbow coalition? If Mr. Omer is himself LGBT, shouldn’t he come clean and reconcile his hypocrisy, join forces with the gay rights movement of Afghanistan and wholeheartedly support Dr. Ghani for President?

سایت افغان زواک در مطلبی به قلم آقای نسیم افغانمل نوشته است که وحیدعمر با چند همجنسگرای دیگر، در حال لب چوشی در هوتل انترکانتینتال دیده شده اند. به نظرشما آیا وحید عمر، یک همجسگرا هست؟

Here is the link to the article:وحید-عمر-څوک-دی؟-نسیم-افغانمل/

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