Friday, April 4, 2014

Newsmaker Today, Kingmaker Tomorrow!

On the eve just before Election Day in Afghanistan, "The Nemat Sadat Show" is launched! Here's the first episode in Dari: 

English translation of my broadcast below: 
Greetings Dear Viewers,

Live from the epicenter of the world, the island of Manhattan in New York City, I am pleased to launch my show. My name is Nemat Sadat.

Every country has a proud son or daughter that begins pride to the nation. Afghanistan has been blessed with a gay uncle. Growing up, I had many nicknames. My Mother used to call me “hard worker;” my sister nicknamed me “Nemogak” and my uncle used to call me “Palwan Patcha” (wrestling king) and my aunt “Niamat-e-Khiamat” (Nemat the Judgment Day). Even as a child, my family recognized I was a troublemaker. In that sense, little has changed.

Since my unprecedented coming out of the closet as the first proud gay, Afghan, American, Muslim, I have a new role in the world. So time to rebrand myself.

As of today, I’m your “Mama gak e-Watan” (Uncle of the Motherland) or you can also call me “Philak” (baby elephant). Now, every Afghan child and adult in Afghanistan is lucky to call me his or her own.

But why also, “philak” because you see Afghanistan is jungle. President Karzai and other leaders say Afghanistan is a nation of lions. It is but it’s also made up of leopards and tigers, anteaters, and many snakes. We didn’t have elephants in Afghanistan until the day Nemat was born. Now we do. The elephant has a special place in Afghan culture. Think of our “gosh feel” dessert and our signature Afghan “pai phil” elephant mark on our Turkmen made Bukhara carpets. In our jungle of ferocious animals, Afghanistan needed an elephant to be the organizer of the wilderness. Who else is going to tame all the animals and show them the path to their happiness? I’m proud to serve you. In ancient African and Indian mythology, the elephant is a market of indestructibility and steadfastness, of strength and power.

The Nemat Sadat show will commence on steaming media on the web and later on satellite radio and cable television. I will create segments based on art, politics, and sex. My three passions in life. What better place then New York City the cultural capital of the US, the political capital of the world with the United Nations, and perhaps the most sexually liberated place in the universe. And who else better than the Afghan King of New York to broadcast these themes to viewers, in Dari and English, around the world.

My show is especially going to feature the expansion of justice and rights to LGBTIQ, particularly those in Afghanistan and the Islamic World where they live in situation that is probably worse than Uganda but untold story of hundreds of millions who live with absolutely no voice. Some Muslims, think that the story about my coming out will fade away but it won’t. This is no longer about me. This is a global rights movement of which I’m simply a vessel among many like me. I’m neither the first not the last gay Afghan to be born. There are millions of gays in Afghanistan. Gays are born everyday and they will always be born because it is a natural phenomenon. Last year at this time, gays in Afghanistan didn’t “exist” but after my coming out they do as their plight has been exposed to the world.

How many more graveyards must be filled of gays unable to be who they are and lived there dreams. To me, this is a cause I have risked my life and willing to die for. Because staying silent for the last 34 years was the worst suffering I had endured. Today, I’m the happiest person in the world. My life has meaning and purpose and I know my dream to liberate my fellow Afghan compatriots is a cause worth fighting for. My dream is not limited to LGBTIQ Afghans but also our heterosexual counterparts who are forced to repress their sexuality and unable to create their own personality due to social constraints.

I know the march to freedom and the way to lasting peace in Afghanistan is a long journey. But I’m hopeful we will realize a peaceful and secular state in Afghanistan within my generation’s lifetime. While my audience is comprises every age and nationality residing everywhere in the world, my goal is to empower Afghan youth and those residing in the surrounding Eurasian region who are forced into a life of oppression from the day they are born until they day; never being able to reach their full human potential. Today’s Afghan youth, those aged 25 and under represent 70 percent of the country according to a recent Atlantic article. Young Afghans residing in Afghanistan are hungry for change. They are connected with the world and have an internationalist mindset and understand that being a global citizen is a better life calling than to be trapped in the conformity of religion and tribal identity which breeds extremism, ignorance, and violence.

Tomorrow is a big day for Afghanistan. The fate of Afghans and much of the world depends on who is elected President of Afghanistan. Leaders of Afghanistan’s LGBTIQ community and endorsed Dr. Ashraf Ghani for President based on his track-record in working to reverse the denial of justice and rights to persecuted minorities. After the LGBTIQ Afghanistan’s endorsement for Dr. Ghani followed by my own endorsement of him, we have mobilized the underground gay community, using our extensive sex networks, to spread the word and vote en masse. Since then Afghan atheists, feminists, humanists, and internationalists have reached out to me to say they will also join our coalition and support Dr. Ashraf Ghani. I’m confident we will become no only victorious but secure a mandate that will enable Dr. Ghani to have the executive power to make vital decision without being bogged down by the bureaucratic malfeasance.

Thank you and hope you enjoyed the show. I look forward to establishing a close and ongoing relationship with you. Love you all very much.

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