Monday, April 7, 2014

Response to threats by Waheed Omer & company!

Dear Waheed Omer (also spelled Wahid Omar) and company,

Please stop harassing and intimidating me and interfering with the right to freedom of speech. Since I reposted Afghan Zhwak article that claims that you kissed another man and recorded on CCTV, you and your “friends” have privately messaged me to take down my status update.

You accuse Ashraf Ghani supporters of defaming you. But look at yourself! You've sunk so low to defame Dr. Ghani while he has not uttered a word about you.

Let’s look at your track record: You were the spokesperson to President Hamid Karzai but you betrayed him and defamed him and then begged to get your job back. And during this election cycle, you have gone to the airwaves and made outlandish claims about Dr. Ghani.

It's people like you who selfishly pursue money and power but do nothing beneficial for the people of Afghanistan who are a headache for all of us. You should take lessons from me. I would be happy to take you under my wing and groom you to become a true “Shahzada” prince with values to serve the public good and respect human rights for all especially religious and sexual minorities who are the most vulnerable and weak in Afghanistan.

Mr. Omer, you are a seasoned communicator, so why don’t you properly answer my question? The people of Afghanistan and around the world read on my wall how you clearly dodged the question and became defensive. I ask you again, are you bisexual or homosexual? Who is the Afghan elite man you had a sexual affair with? Will you support gay rights and marriage equality in Afghanistan?

On a side note, I want to tell the world that in the last 24 hours, numerous suspicious attempts were made to hack into my email and social media accounts: I want you forewarn the enemies of Afghanistan, that as an American citizen, I have sought US government protection after I received thousands of threats from Islamists around the world for coming out of the closet. Today, the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Department of Homeland Security are closely monitoring my computer, reading everything on my social media accounts, and tracking my every movement around the world.

Everything is being gathered as intelligence by the national security agencies of the US and the major powers of the world. If anyone tires to harm Nemat Sadat, you will go down in history as trying to destroy and disrupt the peace movement in Afghanistan.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation and understanding. Let's pray for a safe Afghanistan where everyone can be free!

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