Monday, April 7, 2014

Waheed Omer' fraud and homosexuality revealed

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

The hypocritical misers ruling over the kleptocracy in Afghanistan who abuse their patronage networks (religious & tribal affiliations) to attain powerful positions, intercept donor aid and steal from the Afghan people is now going to be exposed to the entire world.

These tyrants play both the west and neighboring Islamic countries; keep the Afghan people starved by inhumanely imposing Islamic Law upon them while they freely do whatever they want. The Afghan people cannot even access pornography sites to jerk off to satisfy their basic human need while the elites in power cheat on their wives with other men or women, abuse alcohol, and go on trips to Dubai or Dushanbe to whore themselves out with mistresses and prostitutes.

Since my posting about Waheed Omer’s (also spelled Wahid Omar) homosexual rendezvous at Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel, credible sources have come forward to provide evidence and testimony that will dismantle the shameful heterosexual patriarchy that has corrupted Afghanistan and demoralized the masses (ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities) for over a millennium.

Feroz Mohmand, who was an assistant for seven years to Waheed Omer when he was a spokesperson to the office of the President of Afghanistan, has come forward to expose everything. According to Mohmand, Mr. Omer had a multiyear relationship with an Afghan man named Ahmad Masood who is depicted in the photo above.  

Mohmand personally witnessed the Afghan homosexual couple (Omer and Masood) kissing each other on multiple occasions. Mr. Mohmand caught Omer and Masood during a sexual act while the two were fully naked and embracing each other in their office. At that time, Mohmand took the memory card and saved the naked photos of Omer and Masood. Mohmand transferred all the text messages filled with language worthy of a romantic couple and clear images that show Mr. Omer engaged in homosexual conduct. In these messages, Mr. Omer refers to Ahmad Masood as “Maso jaan” or “Maso jaan ba esab az naz” and says how much he loves him.

Multiple sources tell me that Omer’s homosexual affair with Masood is a widely known open secret among the ruling elite in Kabul. They were seen many times flying together to Dubai for the weekend where they comfortably and secretly engaged in sex marathons.

The plot thickens as Mohmand reveals how in a NATO conference in November 2010 at Lisbon, Portugal, Mr. Omer went to a nightclub and got so intoxicated that he fought and was arrested and taken into custody for four hours, all during an official business trip representing the so-called Islamic State of Afghanistan. Upon Mr. Omer’s arrival back to Kabul, President Karzai fired him. But Mr. Mohmand says the “bitch” (Mr. Omer) cried and begged the President to give him mercy. Karzai felt sorry for Omer and retained him. The few people in the Arg presidential palace who knew about the Lisbon ordeal were told to keep their silence, says Mohmand.

Mr. Mohmand confronted Omer that his homosexual affair was not right and pleaded with him to stop otherwise he would tell everybody. That was when the Mr. Omer demoted Mr. Mohmand and threatened him with further retaliation. In fear of his life, Mr. Mohmand remained quiet up until now. Today, Mr. Mohmand is out of Afghanistan and safely in the United States where he can speak candidly about Mr. Omer’s corruption, homosexuality, and violence.

Mr. Mohmand explains further that the money and cars that were embezzled from Kabul Bank during the last Presidential election in 2009 and funds stolen from the Presidential Palace were used to create and set up Qara Consulting, a family run business which is the recipient of millions in donor aid that goes to Mr. Omer’s family and inner clique cronies who intend to completely takeover Afghanistan by the year 2020.

In a private email sent an hour ago, I sent to Mr. Omer, I told the former spokesperson that Mr. Mohmand has shared with me the photos of you naked and kissing Ahmad Massood. I didn’t ask Mr. Omer for a bribe since I’m not corrupt but the champion of Aristotelian ethics.

I demanded that for the good of the Afghan nation that Mr. Omer immediately hold a press conference and come clean about his homosexual affairs and apologize to the millions of Afghan gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex persons who receives only 0.01% of development aid and are the worst victims of Islamo-fascist law and society that persecutes them for their entire lives.

I informed Mr. Omer that if he refused to meet the demands made by the peace movement of Afghanistan, then Mr. Mohmand will expose all the naked sex photos to the Afghan and international media.

Mr. Omer refused to cooperate and now his fate remains uncertain.

No bribe will rescue Mr. Omer now. All he needs to do is confess his homosexuality and apologize to all Afghan LGBTIQ who continue to suffer in silence across Afghanistan while he betrayed them and all Afghans who are trapped in grinding misery.

My solution: End the Islamic and tribal double standard. Adopt a secular state where every one can freely practice their religion and sexuality and bureaucrats are accountable to the people to deliver tangible goods and services and liberalize the marketplace to allow economic opportunity based on merit and the common good. No more nepotism, no more discrimination, and no more institutionalized corruption!


Kabuli said...

Please post pictures to prove your claims, however, I support you claim Omar being an "Izak" and a bitch

arshid khan said...

pls submit your photos to support your claim

A Giro. said...

solution: End the Islamic and tribal double standard. Adopt a secular state where every one can freely practice their religion and sexuality -------> GO FUCK YOURSELF people like should not live in afghanistan and you dont even have the right to right about so shut your filty mouth and live your no valauble life where they let you live. Like US and shut up