Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Islamists place fatwa on me and order my execution!

News Flash: The Mullahs of Afghanistan and their brainwashed followers belonging to the American Islam group have placed a fatwa on my head and have ordered Muslims to assassinate me. My crime: being an out & proud homosexual and campaigning for LGBT rights in my beloved homeland.
Why is Islam so insecure, homophobic and ugly that it cannot tolerate a gay guy who speaks with creativity, knowledge, reason, science and wisdom?
That's simple! Islam is cruel to the core and stifles critical thinking. Islam nurtures hatred, hypocrisy, ignorance, misery and violence while powerful humanists like me champion a culture of love, enlightenment, inclusion, self-empowerment and respect for all.
In life or in death, I am the victor in this cultural war but the question is which side of history will you be on: the cult of evil or the greater good?

Check out the two posts about me on the "Islame.Americaye" (اسلام امریکایی) Facebook page from April 20, 2014 and you decide for yourself.

Using Google Translator for the Dari text from the American Islam Facebook Page, 4/20/14, it reads as follows:

This person is permissible to kill in Afghanistan!
Dear Shia and Sunni scholars in the field of silence, do not!
Homosexuality in all religions, as it is an act of obscene and inhuman is mentioned by some perverted and Satanists are heavily promoted in Europe and America so far this approach has become a culture.
It is a blessing Sadat. Professor at the American University in Afghanistan and to promote homosexuality and Lvatt come to Afghanistan.
It is permissible to kill this person. And anyone who kills a person, not just a sin not work, but the reward of seeing.

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Roberta Moscarella said...

Don't you think is a little imprudent blaming an entire religion instead of the extermist members of it?
Don't you think that doing this you encourage (of course involutarily) the increasing phenomenon of ISLAMOPHOBIA?