Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Independence Day to the State of Israel!

Your nation has always stood as the vanguard of progress and has always participated in global revolutions that have modernized the world. The contribution of your nation in the arts and sciences has lifted humanity and alleviated poverty to billions around the world.

While I abhor your settler occupation and seizure of homes in Palestine based on Yahweh’s will for only Jews to inhabit Judea and Samaria, you and your citizens have every right to live harmoniously among yourselves and with the rest of the world.

In 2003, I took a Politics of Israel course at the University of California, San Diego. In a class filled with 200 students, I recommended a one-state solution where Jews and Palestinians would become Israeli citizens. That suggestion was dismissed but more than a decade later, we see that a two-state solution is unworkable. As a liberal constructivist, I believe that the long-term future of Israel is not as a religious state but as a secular state where Israeli nationalism takes precedence.

Once you end the oppression of Palestinians, I will visit you, Israel, and celebrate in your success having created an industrialized, innovative, pluralist, and vibrant democracy out of a plain desert.
Unfortunately, Muslims have not shown you any love and have resisted your right to statehood based on racist terms since your creation in 1948. In the aftermath of an earthquake in Afghanistan in 1998, you demonstrated your goodwill by sending a plane filled with 15 tons of urgently needed material, including blankets, food and medicine but the Islamic State of Afghanistan rejected your aid since receiving help from Jews was said to be against Islam. Israel, you have tried to give the olive branch to Muslims, but Muslims believe in the Quran which rewards violence against Jews.

But I will be the first person from Afghanistan to publicly announce to the world that I love Jews and I honor your nation for fighting discrimination and persecution by bigoted Christians and Muslims who have tried to wipe you out from humankind. How can I object to your right to exist and turned a blind eye to my Muslim brothers who fund, nurture, and recruit people everyday to make terrorism against the innocent people in Afghanistan?

How can Afghans deny you, Israel, the right to be a Jewish state when the Islamic State of Pakistan, which was created the same year, is accepted even though their Inter-Services Intelligence agency harbors all the terrorist groups (Taliban, Haqqani, Hezb-e-Isalmi, Lashkar Taiba, and Al Qaeda) which have and continue to commit gross atrocities against the innocent people of Afghanistan and the civilized world?

As a homosexual, I cannot deny Jews the right to self-determination when gays and Jews suffered together in Holocaust concentration camps and have together been the most persecuted group since the invention of religion.

And as an Afghan of matrilineal Pashtun heritage who probably hails from Jewish ancestry, I cannot deny your right to freedom and liberty to have a home when every day and for the last 1400 years, my nation has suffered from Islam-fascist oppression that has trapped Afghanistan into darkness and misery.
Israel, I believe the time has come for Afghanistan to recognize you and commence diplomatic relations.

I look forward to the day when gay Afghans can drink and party in the clubs and beaches of Tel Aviv and have romance and sex with booty-licious Israelis. And I hope Israelis will do business and travel to Afghanistan and we’ll offer you world-class hospitality.

Mazel Tov!




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