Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Response to Malalai Joya's video about the Presidential Elections in Afghanistan

I watched Malalai Joya’s newest video about the elections in Afghanistan and I commend her for continuing to raise awareness about the abuse of power by corrupt officials and warlords’ crimes against humanity. But where she is dead wrong is her insistence that the US occupation in Afghanistan is anti-democratic and the source of the problem. Does she realize if the US vacates Afghanistan, it will result in genocide or a terrorist takeover?

Ms. Joya blames Afghan Presidential candidates for being US puppets. However, she doesn’t explain why she disapproves of Dr. Ashraf Ghani who has spent his entire life committed to serving Afghanistan’s national interest. Lumping Dr. Ghani with corrupt warlords is inappropriate and accusing him of being a sellout is a cheap shot and a cop out.

Furthermore, is Ms. Joya aware that the US doesn't just occupy Afghanistan but has military bases around the world? So is she against US imperialism?

Here is a map of the global US military footprint:

I bet there is even a US occupation in the sovereign land where Ms. Joya now currently lives. I've heard she lives in Australia.

The US is the leader of the free world and the gatekeeper of the global capitalist system which enemy states like Pakistan (who harbor Al Qaeda and the Taliban) wish to replace with a pan-Islamic caliphate to stretch from Morocco to Malaysia with Islamabad as its capital. This is not fiction but sentiments expressed by Islamists in the region who dream about one day replacing liberal democracies in the secular west with their extremist religion. This grave threat is real but Ms. Joya and other critics of US Empire remain mum about the threat posed by expansionary Islam. I fully support the US presence in Afghanistan because the imperial hegemon is the only country in the world with the guts and valor to enlighten and empower Afghan civil society to establish a smart, stable and swift nation for the long haul. No one else can or will!

Here are some facts about US success in Afghanistan's human development in the last 12 years. With the help of US investment, Afghans are happier, healthier and living longer. In 2002, Afghans looked like prisoners in a concentration camp but today millions of Afghans have access to a self-sufficient diet. Health care has improved remarkably: the Afghan lifespan has risen from 44 to 62 and fewer children are dying as 100,000 per year are being saved due to access to care and a rapid decline in infant mortality. 

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