Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When an American in Afghanistan converts to Islam

Thomas Gray coined the phrase “ignorance is bliss” but for Afghans, the perpetual state of "Jahilat" (primitiveness) has entrapped the nation into permanent backwardness and illiteracy.

A good example of Afghan foolishness occurred last month when Rod Monger, a professor of business at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) took the “Shahada” (testifying to the oneness of God and acceptance of Muhammad as Allah's prophet) and converted to Islam. Many Afghans cheered in thunderous applause as if Afghanistan had gained something monumental. But beneath the veneer of conquest, it was just another act of manipulation in the nefarious Islamic playbook that has kept my homeland under siege since the seventh century invasion of a horrid religion.

The history of Afghans being duped—both by the enemy from within and foreign auxiliaries—is not something new. In the early twentieth century as King Amanullah was promoting secularization in Afghanistan, an Englishman acculturated himself into Afghan life, grew a beard and learned the local language, and become the Imam at Pul-e-Kishti mosque in Kabul and for many years he indoctrinated naïve Afghans into anti-modernization propaganda which undermined Amanullah Khan’s efforts.

Today, I break my silence about Rod Monger who cannot be a Muslim convert since he is a practicing homosexual who engages in sodomy with Afghan males.

Last fall after I came out, Khaama Press and other Afghan media outlets correctly reported about my testimony that there are five other international staff at AUAF who are homosexual. Rod Monger is one of the five. The reason why Mr. Monger has a job but I was fired is because I was expected to conform to the “moral” code while my former gay colleagues were not. Monger is also backed by power as he is chummy with President Michael Smith, the evangelical Lutheran, who reflects the hypocritical façade that pervades Afghanistan. Dr. Smith rewards those like Monger who succumb to Islamic corruption or those who proselytize Christianity, but he was quick to get rid of me after poor-performing, pro-Islamist students petitioned AUAF and the Government of Afghanistan. Who knew that my promotion of Aristotelian ethics in the classroom would become a threat to the vested interests profiting from corruption in Afghanistan? Rod Monger is an American who grew up as a Christian in Houston, Texas and was married twice with women and has fathered biological children. But after he hit a midlife crisis and accepted his same-sex orientation, he moved to Afghanistan to clandestinely have sex with young Afghan guys. He once told me he never planned to move back to the US.

Monger lived in a private residence in Karte Seh and had a caretaker by the name of Hamed who was about 25 years old and was once an AUAF employee. After Hamed quit his job as an escort at AUAF’s transport department, he started working for Monger and also provided sexual companionship. According to Monger’s own confession to me, the two were quasi-romantic lovers.

Beyond the monthly stipend, Monger also paid for Hamed’s cosmetic surgery in India after “chaku-baz” (pocket knife handler) thugs in Kabul left an ugly scar on his face. Monger showed me pictures of the loving couple in Seychelles where they rented an island and revelled in 7-star luxury. Monger told me how the two wined-and-dined at the At.mosphere restaurant, at the top of the Burj Khalifah in Dubai, where they indulged in $800 worth of caviar and oysters and other gourmet dishes cooked in truffle oil. Right before I left Kabul last year, Monger told me he had obtained a visa to a European country and planned to take Hamed to a scenic tour of the French and Italian Riviera.

While Monger was in a relationship with Hamed, I saw him flirting with other guys and his secret was known among certain circles in Kabul. Even the former AUAF Provost jokingly said to me in a meeting on a campus bench, “I support you [being gay], but just please don’t let Monger add you to his Afghan boy collection.” I assured the Provost that Monger was not my age range or type and that I would not settle for anyone less than my “honey gak” dream man. At the Serena Hotel in Kabul, when Mr. Monger and I were both dining at Char Chatta café, I saw him hitting on Afghan wait staff. It was common for Mr. Monger to seduce Afghan garcons by complimenting their looks and offering monetary help in exchange for services.

What bothers me about Monger is that in a country where millions of LGBTIQ Afghans are repressed by their families and society, threatened by rape from Afghan police and can risk the death penalty under Sharia Law, there are deceitful foreigners and ruthless Afghans in power who do whatever they wish and never reprimanded; they pretend to be pious when they are corrupt to the core and duplicitously impose Islam which continues to enslave the silent Afghan majority (gays, women, religious minorities and nonbelievers) into menacing fear. This poor system of Afghan governance typifies the Janus face of Islam.

A question every Afghan and concerned citizen of the world must ask is what motivation Monger had when he converted to Islam. Is he trying to conceal his homosexual activity, get praise and publicity under false pretenses or does he have another agenda which hasn’t become ostensibly clear yet?

Here is link to Rod Monger's conversion as a Muslim on Facebook:

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Thewanderingjesse said...

Regardless of whether or not what you say is true regarding the person in your article, the fact that you would publicize openly about such things is proof of your naivety and recklessness.

You of all people should know that this information, put into the wrong hands, is extremely dangerous to someone living in Afghanistan, even if you disagree with what they do in the public/private eye. Why would you even tempt to cause someone such harm even if you disdain them.

Very very foolish.