Monday, July 14, 2014

Standing in solidarity with Israel and Palestinians

Why do Muslims remain silent when Muslims slaughter Muslims throughout the Islamic World but when Israel defends herself against terrorists, Muslims and their Anti-Semite apologists rally around the Wahhabi bandwagon to petition and protest and Jewish state? Israel defending her national security in response to rockets emanating from Gaza has resulted in a hundred Palestinian deaths while the conflict in Syria has claimed 170,000 deaths so far. Where is the mass outrage against Islamofascist states who commit genocide against their own people?

Today, even some Jews have condemned Israel’s brutal use of force in non-occupied Gaza but where are the Muslims protesting against the atrocities within Islam or speaking up for Israel’s right to exist? When Muslims point fingers to Israel and ignore the barbarism from within their nation and religion, they exemplify humanity’s greatest cowardice, hypocrisy and racism. In the Islamic World, homosexuals and nonbelievers have no legal status and are persecuated by their families and criminalized by the state and females are "second-class" inferiors. Meanwhile, in Israel, every citizen is equal under the law. Jewish atheists, LGBTI and women are free and equal and have contributed to making Israel a post-industrial leader in science and technology. Even Arab Israelis (both Christian and Muslim) who reside within the 1967 borders have more rights and a better life than the religious minorities within the Islamic World.

The term “Apartheid State” has been misappropriated to Zionism. Actually, the real apartheid exists in every Muslim-majority country where heterosexist bigots perpetuate violence against gender, religious and sexual minorities. Muslims need to focus on their internal problems and stop using Palestinians as a propaganda tool to mask their hatred of Jews for possessing a superior civilization and an egalitarian society. The reason why Muslims despise Israel is not because of oppression against Palestinians but the fact that a tiny desert state has transformed itself into a lush garden that is the #1 economic and military power in the Middle East and the envy of the world.

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