Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ls Afghanistan set for a high-tech boom?

Despite the decades' rubble of war and widespread illiteracy, Afghanistan today has the fastest-growing information technology industry in Central Asia thanks to the investment in high-speed optical fiber and the people's entrepreneurial drive. A decade ago, Afghans had to travel to a neighboring country to make a phone call. But now Afghanistan is an IT leader in the region and plans to rollout 4G in major cities by 2017. 

Silicon Valley in the United States and Silicon Wadi in the State of Israel are the two largest concentrations of high-tech industries of greatest significance in our world today. But I'm confident when Afghans are free from a corrupt bureaucracy and the menace of Islamic Jihad that a "start-up" culture will skyrocket and spur unlimited innovation, thousands of new IT firms and millions of new jobs making Afghanistan #3 high-tech or #4 after India's Bangalore. 

What is your suggestion for the name and location of Afghanistan's forthcoming Silicon cluster?

Article about "Afghanistan's IT Revolution" published by Ozy.com: 

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