Monday, September 15, 2014

Secular Afghanistan or the Second Jewish State?

A doubtful Afghan man asks, “Sadat Sahib, what if your plan for a secular Afghanistan fails and everyone continues to suffers under Islam?” My answer: “I don’t dwell on ‘what if’ scenarios. My plan is made to succeed. In case it doesn't, my back-up plan is the Israelification of Afghanistan. I’ll persuade a million Hazaras, Pashtuns, Tajiks and Uzbeks to convert to Judaism and empower them to orchestrate the creation of the second Jewish state. With the help of the World Zionist Organization - Israel, Afghanistan will become the Israel of Central Asia. The Afghan man replies: “Damn it! You really want gay rights in Afghanistan that badly you’ll make us all “kufar” (infidels) or “Yahudiyai be padar” (bastard Jews). My reply: “Yes. I’ll use every peaceful measure to conquer the minds. My dream is to be the Cleopatra of Afghanistan: to be desired and worshipped by many men, adored by children, revered by women and to make conditions possible for every heterosexual, homosexual and intersexual Afghan to find happiness and marry their true love.” Then he says in Dari, “beshak-et walla” giving me a thumb’s up signal and a smiley face. I guess I flipped another skeptic to my side.

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