Monday, October 20, 2014

Gay Rights in the Muslim World

To the Afghan journalist who left me a voicemail message regarding a story about the plight of gay Afghanistan, please contact me again. I was unable to make out your number to call you back myself. Thank you for your interest regarding the persecution of millions of LGBTI who continue to suffer in silence and solitude. While Muslims blame Israel for the hardships facing 1.8 million in Gaza which Arabs/terrorists are equally to blame, they do nothing to alleviate the torture of atleast 180 million homosexuals (according to the Kinsey 10% study) out of an estimated 1.8 billion worldwide Muslim population who have no legal status and continue to be persecuted to death. That's because Muslims are amoral and live under a barbaric jurisprudence and primative society that festers a cylical culture of savagery while Israel and the secular world have real family values and and a superior way of life. Let's strive for the last frontier: Gay Marriage & Lesbian Parenthood throughout the Muslim World!

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