Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Islamic war on freedom of expression!

What a sad day it is to find out that the “Harvard alumni in Afghanistan” Facebook group, which exclusively admitted graduates from the world’s most renown and richest university, revokes your membership and blocks you from finding them. This latest undemocratic move to suppress free speech was prompted after an intolerant Afghan man felt insulted by my pro-Israel slash pro-Aryana post that he demanded the administrator to remove me or threatened to leave the group himself. I inquired why he couldn’t debate my intellect and truth and of course there was no answer. In the end, the administrator complied with the bully and silenced the voice of conscience and no one else stood up in my defense. Let’s face the facts: Muslims are ruthless cowards; inferior and insecure to the core; and collectively possess a damaged, dishonest and weak mind that stifles liberality, knowledge and reason. This why Israel is golden fortress while all of Islam sits on a pile of shit. If Harvard cannot groom a savage into civility, than what can you realistically expect for Israel Defense Forces or the US Military to do. A person has to desire freedom before you can train him how to properly clean, lubricate and stretch his ass and merrily join the civilized world.

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