Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Israel-Aryan marriage in Afghanistan

Shalom everybody! I’m happy to be Zionist and Aryan but less so an Arab. I want to tell you that the end of history is when the Jewish state (Israel) and the original Aryan nation (Afghanistan) make peace and forge a union in the greatest love story of all time. Here’s what the great writer, James Michener, who authored 40 novels has to say about the Israel-Aryan nexus in Afghanistan. “Caravans” which was set in 1940’s Afghanistan and published in 1963 couldn’t be more relevant today. I agree with Michener since after most humankind, except for the Negroid and Mongloid were either Aryan or Jew with Afghanistan as the cradle where all the races converged. Michener writes, “As we made our way toward the center of Kabul I was reminded of the first contradiction that marked Afghanistan. The men I saw on the streets of Kabul looked much more Jewish than I. They were tall, dark of skin, lithe, with flashing black eyes and prominent Semitic noses. They took great pride in their claim to be descendants of the lost tribes of Israel, who were supposed to have reached these mountain plateaus during the Diaspora. But at the same time the Afghans remembered that the ancient name of their country was Aryana, and in the volatile 1930’s they were adopted by Adolf Hitler as the world’s first Aryans and his special wards. The proud Afghans were able to accept both accolades without discrimination and consequently boasted that while it was true that they were born of the Jewish tribe, the Ben-i-Israel, once they reached Afghanistan they had ceased being Jews and had founded the Aryan race. It made as much sense as what some of their friends were propounding elsewhere.”

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