Thursday, October 2, 2014

What "The Kite Runner" says about Israel

Israel is a frontier for gay rights and the land of champions with big lickersticks surrounded by a cesspool of gossiping old women! In case you haven’t read the international bestseller “The Kite Runner” yet, here’s what Amir, the narrator, says about his father’s worldview: “The bit about Israel used to draw the ire of Afghans in Fremont who accused him of being pro-Jewish and, de facto, anti-Islam. Baba would meet them for tea and rowt cake at the park, drive them crazy with his politics. ‘What they don’t understand,’ he’d tell me later, ‘is that religion has nothing to do with it.’ In Baba’s view, Israel was an island of ‘real men’ in a sea of Arabs too busy getting fat of their oil to care for their own. ‘Israel does this, Israel does that,” Baba would say in mock-Arabic accent. ‘Then do something about it! Take action. You’re Arabs, help the Palestinians, then!’

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